What Is Myster Ray?

I am Myster Ray. Myster Ray is the professional name that I use when I am performing.


What Do You Do?

I create and perform real quality magic shows. I perform magic for adult audiences as well as childrens' events.

I am available for performances in a variety of settings. I entertain for Birthdays, Confirmations, Grand Openings, Dinner Parties, Anniversaries and the like.

I specialize in Parlor and Close-up Magic.



Do you offer other types of entertainment as well?

Yes. I also offer balloon shows for kids.










What Is Your Magic Show Like?

This is a good question to ask. I can answer it this way. My show and my abilities continue to advance and evolve. No two shows are exactly the same. I very often customize a show slightly depending on the audience that I am playing for.

Some of my favorite effects include some of those that are considered to be standard classics. I favor routines which invite audience members to participate, believing that magic is something that is created between people rather than something that is simply watched. I have created routines involving, among other things, Ropes, Coins, Cards, Balloons, Scarves, Mentalism, Escapes and a host of surprises.

My typical performance is about an hour in length, although other arrangements are always possible. You can request all magic, all balloons, or some combination of each.